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Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to participate in music.  


Choirs- Wyneken currently has 3 singing choirs that sing for chapel services, church services, concerts, and programs.  The choirs meet once a week to rehearse and are split up by grade level.  There is a Kindergarten-2nd grade choir that all students in those grades participate in as well as a 3rd-5th grade choir that all students participate in.  A middle school choir for grades 6-8 is an option for students to participate in.


Handchimes- this group meets one time a week as an extracurricular activity before school.  There are two choirs - one for 5th and 6th grade and one for 7th and 8th grade. The groups play for chapel services and concerts.


Band- The Wyneken band rehearses two times a week during the school day.  Students participating in band pay a nominal fee as this program is offered through Concordia Lutheran High School. 


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